Bingo 75

75 Ball BingoBingo 75, most commonly known as 75 Ball Bingo or American Bingo, is considered as one of the favourite bingo variations that is generally played in North America. This is one thrilling game of bingo where you can expect to have guaranteed entertainment and loads of chances to win! At Moon Bingo, you can choose to play in many exciting 75 Ball Bingo rooms and get rewarded with cosmic prizes of up to £1,000,000!

Get extra chances to win in the 75 bingo rooms by playing the exciting bingo chat games and the numerous thrilling instant side games during your bingo session! On these bingo chat games, you can win great freebies such as free bingo money, bonuses, gifts, double coins, and much more. In all the 75 Bingo rooms at Moon Bingo, you will have the opportunity to chat with other bingo players in real time through a special chat window. Thus, you can have extra fun by socialising while playing bingo!

How 75 Ball Bingo is Played

Playing 75 Ball Bingo could not be easier! The rules of this game are quite simple and straightforward. Each of the 75-ball bingo card consists of a 5×5 grid. On this grid, you will discover a Free icon or star in the middle, while the rest of the 24 squares are filled with numbers ranging from 1 to 75. Numbers are called out at random by the bingo caller, and if they appear on your card, they are automatically ‘daubed’. Simply be the first one to cover the predetermined pattern to win! Prizes are also given away in many of the 75 Ball bingo games to 1TG or 2TG winners. 75 Ball Progressive Jackpot games, where huge amounts can be won are hosted daily in rooms such as Luck n’ Roll and Moonalicious!

Bingo Patterns

As in all bingo games, you require to complete specific patterns while playing 75 ball bingo to win! Winning patterns can be anything from diagonal, horizontal, and vertical lines to themed patterns such as airplane, ladder and champagne glass.

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