Bingo 90

90 Ball BingoThere are numerous versions of bingo that exist, however bingo 90, commonly known as 90 Ball Bingo, is the most popular bingo variation of them all. 90 Ball Bingo is widely played in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and UK. At Moon Bingo, you can come across various entertaining 90 Ball Bingo rooms where you have fun and win big! 90 Ball Bingo has a faster pace compared to the traditional 75 Ball Bingo game. Plus, with three different patterns to cover on this popular bingo game, your chances of winning are highly increased!

Double the fun and get extra winning opportunities by playing exciting bingo chat games and instant win side games simultaneously during the session the 90 Ball Bingo games! Extra prizes that you may win during the chat games include freebies such as double coins, free bingo money, bonuses, gifts, and much more.

How Bingo 90 is Played

If you have never played 90 Ball Bingo before, you would certainly be happy to know that its rules are quite simple and easy to learn. A 90 bingo card consists of 3 rows and 9 columns, where 5 numbers are found on each row. Bingo numbers 1 90 are randomly called out by the bingo caller, and if those numbers are located on your card, they are automatically daubed. The 3 patterns on each 90-ball bingo game include any 1 Line, any 2 Lines, and Full House. Be the first one to cover each of these patterns to win!

90 Ball Bingo Jackpots

You can play the 90 Ball Bingo Progressive Jackpot games daily at Moon Bingo. They are exactly as any other regular bingo games, with the exception that the jackpot keeps increasing as the game is played. Join rooms such as Sweet Wins and Mighty Ninety to play the Progressive 90 Ball games!

Win a jackpot of up to £777 every night with the 90 Ball Bingo ‘£777 Jackpot’ promotion! Play the ‘In For A Penny’ 90 ball bingo jackpot game every Sunday night to have a chance to win a jackpot of up to £400 with just 1p!

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