Best Bingo Movie Scenes

Although bingo is quite a humble game, it is hugely entertaining, and this makes it one of the ideal game for everyone to play, especially at Moon Bingo. Unlike any glamourous casino games such as poker or blackjack, bingo does not have much cinematic appeal. However, you will be surprised to learn that quite a few bingo scenes have been made at Hollywood for top movies.

Bingo – The Star of Popular Movies

If you are a fan of the huge collection of bingo variations at Moon Bingo, you will most certainly be interested to know the different movies and TV series where bingo has been showcased. After watching these scenes, you will perhaps head straight to the bingo rooms at Moon Bingo and start playing this thrilling game!

Popular Movie with Bingo Scenes


Launched in 2009, Rampage is murder thriller with a unique scene featuring bingo! As the killer makes his way to a bingo hall filled with bingo players, nobody notices him. This is simply because they all have their eyes down as they are concentrating on the game. Although this is quite a scary scene, it is a great example of how bingo can be captivating, that it even makes you forget what’s happening around.

The Babadook

Fans and horror movies will be served with The Babadook, a perfect choice for you to watch. The main protagonist in this thriller movie is Amelia, a disturbed widow who is a care assistant in a care home. During the movie, she organises a bingo game for the people that she cares to create a lively atmosphere. This game of bingo cleverly reveals the chilling secrets of the resident’s life during this scene.

Hotel Transylvania

Bingo has even found its place in animated movies too, such as on Hotel Transylvania. The game of Bingo is seen from another spooky perspective on this movie during a scene at Dracula’s Hotel. Goblins, ghouls, and monsters, all head to this hotel for a break, where they have a great time playing spooky bingo. Instead of finding the usual bingo balls, this movie replaces them with creepy skulls that reveals their actual number to the players and caller.

There are many more films that feature bingo, and all of them are as exciting as you can imagine. At Moon Bingo, not only will you find some of the best bingo variations, but you will find some bingo chat games being played between each bingo game. And these can make you win great freebies!