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Bingo as we know it in the United Kingdom is said to have begun in Italy around 1530. It has then migrated to other countries in Europe during the 18th century. But there are also other versions of bingo that have derived from the original one in other parts of the world. Bingo halls have been popular in major cities where people could meet and share the same passion for the game. However, since 2005 more and more people have chosen to play Bingo online from the comfort of their home.

Here Goes Nothing…


Italy is one of the most famous countries when it comes to food and fashion. You would also love to know that Italians also invented the earliest form of bingo almost five centuries also. Although the game has evolved rapidly, it’s still the most popular game in its homeland.

United States Of America

Bingo was developed in different arrangement of numbers when it comes to the United States. The most known one is the 5 x 5 card format which is also called the 75 Ball Bingo. There are other variations of the game where one can mark the numbers they wish to have in the game, namely the U-Pick’En bingo. The shotgun bingo is another form of bingo where the numbers are called quickly. The game is sometimes called Quickie or Turbo Bingo.


When Bingo came to Germany, it had a quite similar version than the one we play in the UK. However, when a game is won, they will rather shout “volltreffer” than calling Bingo. The concept of the game is used in primary schools to teach mathematics, spelling and even history. Ever since then, other countries have adopted this structure in teaching.


Scandinavia has given bingo lovers a completely different form of bingo, Swedish or 5-line bingo. The spin off version of 75 ball bingo has two key changes to it. There’s no free space on the bingo card and it offers five ways to win instead of one way to win.

So that’s how bingo evolved in different countries around the world. Bingo records have spoken and are at your disposal to read at Moon Bingo. Enjoy and good luck!