Careers In Casino Gaming

Vegas casinos are not just about bright lights, glamour and glitz. It’s not just about the jackpots, hand wins or facial expressions of punters that make the casinos lively. It is also about the people who live the experiences of different players each day- the casinos’ employees! Just like punters love to get some action as they roll the dice, others choose to live in that atmosphere every day! Casino careers are growing by the day, here’s some of them.

Casino Host

A casino host’s job is to get massive amounts of money than they planned on playing. This job is amongst the most glamourous of the industry jobs. They have clientele lists speckled with A list names and they do the works of a hotel concierge, salesperson and best friend for the biggest clients. It is their job to satisfy every customer need.

Slot Supervisor

If you’re a slot player, the slot supervisor is who you would want to meet. Even though it is a low management position, it puts the person in charge of the whole slot collection of a casino. Slot attendants and other employees, report to the slot supervisor who’s tasked with overseeing the maintenance of all machines in the casino.

Floor Servers

If you’re going to call the floor server a “cocktail waitress”, you’re due a dirty look and a long wait for your next free drink. Floor servers are no longer those people who only hand you your free drinks. They make friends around the casinos, give advice and monitor drunkenness. In most cases, they act as assistant security guards. These are employees that can make or break your time in the casino.