Casino Trivia That Will Amaze You

There are over thousands of casinos around the world, and each of them are unique! Most casinos embrace the classic theme and others opt for bolder and more exciting themes. But they all go by one rule, that is amusing and high-stake games. But how much do you really know about casinos? Let us surprise you!

The First Casino

The first casino that ever existed was Ridotto in Venice. In the 1600’s, games of chances were common in the streets of Venice. The city’s council decided that they couldn’t prevent its citizens from gambling, so they opened their first casino in 1638.

The World’s Top Casino

The world’s top casino isn’t where you expect it to be. Even though Las Vegas is portrayed as the most popular gaming venue, it has been over taken by Macau! The place alone boasts of over 33 casinos. Even though its figures are vigorously growing, in August 2017 revenue was £2.15 billion!

Online Casinos

Online casinos have been around the world for over two decades! It’s hard to establish which casino was the first to exist online, but it was in the year 1996. Some say that the first online casino was launched by Microgaming, which is now one of the leading game providers.

Gaming kept FedEx alive

Even though it is known as one of the largest delivery companies, FedEx went through a struggle in the 1970’s. The company was down to its last $5,000. The CEO, Fred Smith look the last $5,000 to Las Vegas where he played it and ended up winning a stunning $27,000. This gave the company a few more days to operate and in the meantime Smith has managed to secure some investments.