Chat Games in the Bingo Chat Rooms

Bingo chat games are the latest trend in bingo rooms now. The friendly chat hosts make the rooms even more inviting and exciting. Here, you can play chat games to boost your wins and earn more points and prizes.

There’s Always Something Extra

Every day at Moon Bingo, you get a taste of different chat games in the 75 and 90 ball rooms. Put your luck to test and receive gorgeous freebies, such as: gifts, bonuses, free money, coins and a lot more! Watch out for the Bingo Fairy who comes in to sprinkle you with extra loyalty points.

Different Chat Games At Moon Bingo

Fly Me To Vegas

On winning the full house, shout/type “Deal Me In” before the next game starts. The first ball out in the next game will determine your winnings. If you happen to get ball 21, you’ll win 500 points for Blackjack, get 250 points under and 21 and over 21 you bust

Mirror Mirror

Players give the hose two mirror numbers, for example 45 and 54. As soon as both of the numbers are called, the players must shout “Mirror Mirror” and they will receive points.

Take Or Share

The roomie winner of full house gets to pick whether or not to take points or share them. If they take the points they win 1,000 points, If they choose to share, the player that’s been chosen to share with must type “Ty for sharing” and will receive 500 points.


Roomies should give the chat host two double numbers, for example 11 and 33. As soon as both of the numbers have been called, the player should shout “Twins” and will receive points.

Pot Luck

On winning full house, you should pick a number. You will then be credited with hidden points behind the number you’ve chosen. It could range from between 250-500 points.

Dive into a pot of luck right here at Moon Bingo and enjoy your winnings! There are more than five chat games to be played. Also, Ride The Money Train At Moon Bingo and win major jackpots.