Third Party Content Delivery by NextGen

Since it was established in 1999, NextGen Gaming has been one of the market leader when it comes to game software.  NextGen Gaming is now implementing an innovative technological development that will make content provision better via third-party merchants such as gaming sites like This innovation is known as ARC and it is set to make things smoother and easier for gaming companies.

This great ARC technology from NextGen Gaming can deliver an EIS (Extended Integration Service). It can give access to a broad distribution network of the gaming industry in the fastest timeframe and smoothest way. And it will introduce a more stable level of functionality when it come to the Game Development Module.

End to game evolution will become enabled along with the integration of third party content developers. It will allow them to focus on various levels of game modulation while in the development process. External developers can now integrate their very own servers in the game evolution cycle, and this helps to cut down on the cost and inconveniences of the middleware.

With ARC, now third party games can be sent to merchants through the Open Gaming System of NYX and similar technologies in a much quicker way. Considered as an innovator in the gaming world, NextGen has always aimed at levelling up. David Johnson, the CCO of the company was eager to explain how ARC is a fantastic business news, not only for NextGen, but it’s also beneficially for all its partners in the wider market.

Virtual and 3D Gaming concepts will most probably be deployed in the next decade. The high level of competition between the major game developers to implement these features is certainly going to beneficial to you at


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