Gambling Tattoos

Tattoos are one of the fashion must haves in today’s culture. It’s a trend and it continues to grow with all the new styles coming in. Traditional, Water Colour, Japanese, black work, tribal, you name it, they do it!

Have you casino and bingo lovers ever thought about the most popular gambling tattoos ever? Gambling tattoos are often associated with luck and fortune. They always contain symbols of luck and casino objects.

Must Have Gamer Tattoos

Four Leaf Clover

Being one of the most common luck symbols, it is very common amongst men and women. This symbol is said to bring on luck, wealth, hope, love and faith.

Lady Luck

A classic symbol of fortune and prosperity. She is the lady that decides it all for you.


These are the most prototypical tattoo designs. It’s symbolizes risk, care free, and someone who loves danger.


Being one of the classic slots symbols. This symbol always notified a person they won the lottery. Thus, symbolizing hope.

Eight Ball

This ball symbolizes good and bad luck, representing two fortunes. The real meaning of this tattoo means chance.


The Classics

Royal Flush

In poker, the royal flush is the best hand you can hold. It represents success, power and winning.

Four Aces

The four aces represent power, victory and luck.

Ace Of Spades

This symbolises achievement, power, strength and leadership.

Queen Of Hearts

Very common amongst women, it symbolises determination, survival, strong will power, and perseverance.


Being drawn in various ways, since it is a wild card, it symbolizes trickery and luck.




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