Hair Colour Personality For Bingo Players

Your hair colour always speaks something about you. It talks about your character and your personality. There are very funky meanings that come from a diverse amount of people! Red heads are fiery, blondes are not intelligent and brunettes are attractive. And that’s not necessarily the case. This is something deeper…

Your Hair Colour Speaks!

The Reds!

Red heads are mysterious, passionate and romantic people. They could be explosive, opinionated and bad tempered. There’s something about them though, they are more bubbly people and that is because they have lower anti stress levels compared to others.


Blondes are feminine, youthful, attractive and obedient. Though they can be green, the people with this hair colour are said to be very strong willed. No issues here roomies! These are the most caring people you’ll ever come across.


The most common and exotic! They are known as very hard working people but sometimes they tend to give up easily. Brunettes like to be taken seriously. The only downfall is that… you won’t be loving that hair long, because their risk of going bald is higher than any other colouring. Ouch!


Black hair refers to someone who is deep, thoughtful, serious and melancholic. These are the kind of people who are creative. They love poetry and are into spirituality and are the best people to go to for advice.

Bonus Colours!

Loving bingo, you must be a person full of spunk and lively!  Bingo balls and cards could be all sorts of colours. So why not give it a go!

Blue Heads!

You’re cool and calming. This colour symbolizes loyalty, strength and wisdom!


You’re relaxing to be around. This colour represents nature and health. It symbolizes luck, growth and safety.


You’re loving, caring and compassionate. This colour shows unconditional love, understanding and success.

What’s colour is your hair and why do you love it roomies? Love watching movies? Read about the top gambling movies to watch right here.

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