History of Online Bingo in the UK

The estimated launch of online bingo was apparently in the late 1990’s. This was after the business man, Edwin Lowe, went broke with his toy business due to a financial crisis. He started the game by numbering discs and offering participants gifts. After huge success followed him, he played his first big Bingo game in New York. To make the game fun, he changed the rules, a professor was asked to assist Edwin to generate different numbers for the game. The task was so difficult, he went bonkers.

Did you know?

The Random Number Generator helps the game generate next bingo ball that the caller will shout out. The launch of online bingo started really slow as very few people had computers and more importantly, access to the internet. When technology started developing, more people had access to the internet. And having internet access at home was soon popular.

Bingo, is commonly known as the “old person’s” game worldwide. Interesting fact though, 90% of bingo players in the UK range from 20- 25 years old! Even though the game originated in the USA, when introduced to the United Kingdom, it grew at a rapid pace. Online bingo is now known as a multi-million-dollar industry in the UK. Instant messaging using the chat option and the auto-dab features are the main attractions of online bingo.

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