Origins of Roulette

Considered as one of the most popular game around the world, Roulette is prominently found in land based and online casinos. Let’s explore the origins of roulette to find out how it became one of the most cherished game in history!

Mystery Surrounding Roulette

The origins of roulette are mostly veiled in mystery, however, there are quite a few arguable facts that could well reveal the first incarnation of roulette.

  • French Origin

The most popular accepted version of its origin is the accidental invention of roulette by Blaise Pascal somewhere around the seventeenth century. The Frenchmen was a physician and maths genius who wanted to create a perpetual motion wheel. But instead he ended up creation the roulette wheel. The name roulette, undoubtedly has French origins and it bears many similarities to the games called Even Odd and Roly Poly. These were quite popular back in the days in Europe.

  • Greek Soldiers Playing with a Shield

While they were not dodging the projectiles of their enemies on the battle field in ancient Greece, the Greek soldiers did enjoy a little flutter. One such game is very much like the current version of roulette that we know. On the inside of shields, the soldiers would draw intricate symbols and spin it in front of an arrow. They used to bet on which symbol facing the arrow the shield will stop, just like on the Prize Wheel at Moon Bingo.

  • Ancient Rome Fun

Being a soldier back in ancient Rome was certainly not an easy task, and certainly not a fun occupation. They constantly had to fight on the battlefield and often saw death from quite close. The Roman soldiers witnessed their comrades being wounded and even dying. To stop their morale from going down, Roman commanders introduced the soldiers to gambling games! Soldiers could have a little bit of fun by spinning a chariot wheel, just like in the game of roulette.

  • The Chinese Board Game

It is believed that Dominican monks who visited Ancient China, brought the game of roulette to Europe. Many people think that roulette originates from an ancient board game in China where the aim was to arrange 37 animals into squares with numbers making a total of 666. However, there is no solid proof of how this original game was played. It is believed that the monks modified the layout of the game from a square to a circle, and added the extra pocket for the zero.

How Roulette Became Popular in Europe

It’s perhaps Louis and Francois Blanc who were principally responsible for making roulette as popular as it is today. Back in 1842, gambling was illegal in France, so these two Frenchmen went to Germany to promote this game to the people who enjoyed the games of luck. And as you can imagine, the popularity of roulette quickly spread around Europe like wildfire.