Ride The Money Train At Moon Bingo

Choo-Choo! Ride the money train at Moon Bingo and stand a chance to win up to £100,000 as jackpot. The Money Train is a 75-ball bingo game available for all players and plays every Friday at 9.30PM. Jump aboard the Money Train for a ride packed with loads on entertainment and surprises! Once you buy your £1 ticket, you’ll be amongst the lucky people who stand a chance to win an amazing prize!

Go a long way

Think about all the things you could do with almost £100,000! Every time the game starts, it has a seeding jackpot of £25,000!  Start dreaming awesome people! Remember all the Terms and Conditions apply!

This is an ongoing promotion and does not have an end date. If ever any changes are being made to this promo, the Moon Bingo team will surely inform you all. Whenever there is more than one winner, the prize is split between the winning cards.

When buying tickets for the Money Train bingo game, the maximum cards you can purchase is 96. That’s 96 chances for you to win the jackpot! While withdrawing your funds, please feel free to check out the Withdrawal Policy. The withdrawal policy states that the amounts you’ll be able to withdraw from your account depends on the minimum and maximum limits. Find more information on this in our withdrawal policy.

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