TV Show Locations To Visit In Las Vegas

Television shows are one of the most captivating things ever. You get involved in the staged drama and every day you wait for the next episode to air. It often happens that we see a nice location in a show and then plan the next holiday destination from what we see.

Las Vegas, the city centred around 24-hour casinos and loads of other entertainment options has been used multiple times as a shooting venue. Multiple TV shows have been filmed in Las Vegas, and these are:

Film Locations On TV Shows

Casino Confidential

Aired in 2012, the reality TV show is one that covered behind the scenes in Las Vegas at Binons Casino. The show displays you daily experiences of employees as they encounter different people daily.


Crime Scene Investigation is one of the most popular crime dramas ever produced. The first CSI to air was “CSI: Las Vegas” then the spin offs “CSI: Miami” and “CSI: New York” were produced. CSI: Las Vegas takes place there itself. It is based on a team of investigators that are employed by the Las Vegas Police Department who use physical evidence to solve the most difficult murder cases.

Pawn Stars

The American reality TV show is originally based on a pawn shop in Las Vegas. The series shows how the staff of the shop interact with customers who bring various things to sell or pawn. They often negotiate about the price and historical background of the items they bring to the Pawn Stars.

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