World’s Bingo Records

Records come in all forms and sizes. You have various kinds of records from all around the world. The world’s biggest pizza, longest nails, largest snapchat story, oldest man, most expensive footballer, and so much more. More and more records are made on a daily basis, meaning, the records list keep getting longer and longer.

Are There Bingo Records?

Yes, Bingo records have been set in very popular venues around the world.  Thanks to the popularity of bingo, every country has a wide majority of people that enjoy the game. Be it the young or elderly!

World’s Bingo Records

Largest Bingo Game

Grupo Exito, also known as Almacenes Exito broke a stunning record. The biggest bingo game ever played! Not sure as to how many people would show up, they were not too confident for the game. An astounding 70, 080 people showed up for the bingo game. The record breaking crowd won over £250,000 cash prizes!

Largest Prize Won In A Bingo Hall

The biggest jackpot ever won at a bingo hall was to the winner Soraya Lowell in Scotland! The lucky duck won a stunning £1,167,796! Grabbing the title in the Worlds Guinness Book of Records.

Highest Bingo Game

Bingo has been played everywhere, including 17, 000 ft above sea level! A crew from a bingo company trekked all the way up Mount Everest’s base camp to play bingo! In doing that, they helped raise £100,000 for charity.

Quickest Jackpot Won

Forty minutes after setting up an account at an online bingo site, Darryl Howe triggered a staggering £18,000jackpot! Where his full house number 15 was called on the 23rd call!

World’s Largest Bingo Card

For their Annual Festive Ball, Gala Bingo held the record for the world’s largest bingo card. It measured 4.98 meters in length and 2 meters in width. This even helped raise £6,041 for charity.

These are the most impressive bingo records ever! However, records can be broken, and someone somewhere always ends up doing it. Enjoy Wonder Woman slots at Moon Bingo, have a great read about it right here!